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The Village of Vallouise, France

This small charming village (altitude 1160 m) with a population of 720 habitants has preserved its traditional architecture, which includes typical houses with wooden balconies and picturesque fountains.
Nestling in the heart of the Ecrins National Park between the valley of Les Aigues and Ailefroide, Vallouise is an ideal spot for mountain hiking. All levels are catered for, be it the Glacier Blanc or the Barre des Ecrins via the Pré de Madame Carle or a stroll in one of the surrounding valleys you’ll appreciate this preserved nature overlooked by the legendary peaks.

At the side of a path you may observe a herd of chamois or see a marmotte scooting past, the Clapouse mount is an ideal place to see them but shhhh… at the faintest noise they disappear.

The springtime brings a carpet of flowers in the valleys, a gift for all those photographers amongst us… lys martagon, chardon bleus, reine des prés, lys orangés….and many more to discover.

Culture and Leisure in Vallouise

Museums, National Park Maison, library, silver mine, pottery workshop, photography course…